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Learn how to use Tradingview Alerts to set up any Bitcoin bot uisng studies, Autoview and BitMEX

Learn how to demo trade Bitcoin

Learn how to use leverage to make more Bitcoin

Learn how to correctly set up our bot

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Trade Bitcoin Futures using the BitMEX platform on demo or live


  • You will need a Tradingview Pro account or better (*This costs around 10USD per month)

  • .You will need an Autoview subscription to BitMEX (*This costs around 5USD per month)

  • .You will need a BitMEX or BitMEX Testnet account (Free)

  • ..We will only provide access to a 14 day trial of the bot in an exchange for a 5 star review

  • .You will need to leave your Tradingview user ID in the comment in your review


In our course we will introduce the Grey Trading Bitcoin Bot and how to set up the bitcoin bot using 3 packages together: Tradingview, Autoview and BitMEX. Our bot is the most powerful way to trade Bitcoin now with even more power. It's fast, simple to set up and automatic 24/7. 

About us:


We are the No1. trading Bitcoin bot on Tradingview. It gives you the ability to trade bitcoin automatically on BitMEX in a fast and simple way. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Even with leverage! 




It comes with a buy and sell strategy inbuilt into it - everything is laid out for you and it leaves no questions unanswered.




We want our bot to become widely used by the public because:


A) It works - it delivers what it promises

B) It's a win-win situation - You gain more Bitcoin faster outpacing the price of bitcoin and we win by profit sharing.

C) It changes lives - we have recieved many compliments on the ingenuity of our system and how much better it is than the other bots out there - which do not work at all in the current market conditions.

Become part of our Millenium Revolution - A world wide community. Here you can share your success with the bot and talk to other members who are using it before you start to see that we ware the real deal and walk the walk. Get direct help from us and become part of a global scale redistribution of wealth - our mission. 




Make profits while you sleep. Get in trades ahead of the trend and use our next generation fintech algorithm. Start earning today.


IMPORTANT - Please read to avoid disappointment


Please note we do not share the source code for the bot, we do not provide insight into how the bot works and we only provide a 14 day trial of the bot if you decide to rate the course 5 stars. Should you wish to continue using the bot after your trail ends you would have to purchase a 1 month or 12 month license from our website.   


  • Do you want to make more Bitcoin? If so you should take this course

  • Are you worried about Bitcoin going down? This course will show you how we make money when Bitcoin rises or falls in value

  • Are you unsure about which way Bitcoin will move next? Our algorithm trades automatically and constantly evaluates the market conditions

  • Do you want to learn how to set up a Bitcoin Bot using Tradingview? This course will show you how to set up bots using Traidngview, Autoview and connect it to BitMEX

  • Do you want to test our bot and run it on a demo account to see that our bot works? This is the gateway.


Installation Overview








i will try the script, but it will be better if there is more easy and detailed setup and start the bot, it seems complicated​

The instructor seems knowledgable and this course is a good entry point for me.

Great course on setting up bots on TradingView using AutoView.​

Great infor, also easy steps!

There are few about bitcoin. This is one of the pioneers and at a cost that I can afford.

Hi guys! I traded this system with XBTUSD M15 on BitMEX TESTNET by setting up the bot with autoview starting on 3/24. Instructions from autoview were pretty straightforward and I used mainly 2-3x leverage, shortly up to 5x. Had it runnnig on a VPS, which worked out well. The algo nails the big moves, as the recent BTC slide really nicely. My TESTNET account balance in up around 60% in a week! The sideways market condition is difficult as it is with any system and those conditions resulted to minor loss for those days. 

The backtests with Heiken Ashi are a bit difficult so it was good to put it on action with TESTNET account to get verification for the results. The system provides several signals per day and there is often several buy or sell signals in a row. I experimented 50% to 90% exposure per signal. I also set the bot to liquidate the entire position when there was trend reversal. You have plenty of options on the autoview to set the strategy for the bot. 

Altogether I'm REALLY satisfied with this strategy. I think 2-3x leverage and high exposure per signal works well. 60% in a week with bot is excellent. From one weeks perspective I can say that this system offers protection from violent downside swings on the market and takes advantage on those days. So volatility is all welcome. It seems like it is also working well with FX. I haven't tried that yet, but it could be the next step. And let's see how the most recent Japanese Candlestick Trend Strategy works. 

Thank you for the great work and support! 

Easy to understand and definitely helpful to setup an automated trading system using auto view and TradingView.

Very informative.

great course!!

Good job

nice course, short and straight to the point.

Excellence course for the beginner. Easy to understand how to set up Bot Trading.

Hope it will be the best bot out there for Bitcoin Trading. My Tradingview : AndyTB